So people are asking if we do our own embroidery and if so what can we do?

So to answer this question, yes we do our embroidery in house with state of the art equipment that can handle up to 1,000 pieces daily.  We offer both custom embroidery as well as monogramming on our goods and your goods in most cases.  We embroider all the items in our store that we sale as well as many other customer's apparel.  With embroidery we can make your shirt or hat look very professional with a rainbow of thread colors we have in stock.  Embroidery tends to be the choice for the professional industry as well as the local schools and we provide to both as we have been for over 20 years. So the next time you are in the store and need shirts or hats embroidered for your business, church, sports team or school, ask the professionals at Front Porch Apparel to take you to the next level, the professional level.