What is the best method of personalization for my t-shirts?

There are 3 methods of personalization for t-shirts.  The first and cheapest way is heat vinyl that can be cut with a Cricket or other form of home based machine.  We do not prefer nor use this type of method because over time it will crack and peel or actually come off.  Vinyl is an inexpensive and quick way of producing products but only for a temporary time period.  The second method is screen printing.  Screen printing is one of our preferred methods as it becomes part of the shirt since ink is used to produce the decoration on the garment and it does not wash off and will sometimes out last the garment.  Screen printing can be done with multiple colors of ink on the shirt but limited to 6 at one time.  The final and our preferred method is DTG printing.  DTG stands for Direct to Garment because that is exactly what it is, printing the ink directly into the fabric so it becomes permanently part of it.  DTG allows us to print unlimited number of ink colors on the garment and it never misses on hitting all the details lines in the artwork.  The inks in DTG prints are water based, which is very safe for the end user and the hand on the shirt is very soft, it will not crack or wash off and reprints are with a click of a few buttons on the computer and we are done.